Author: Leigha Brandt
ISBN: 978-91-85765-46-1

Language: English


“In a world of creatures and uncertainty, I was unearthly.
A dark angel and a guardian combined with a will to do good, but a mind to cause total destruction…”

When mortal tears of blood are shed, Aurora cannot see the anguish; her back is turned. She is changed by something unexplainable, into something lethal, poisonous and deadly.
But she’s not the only one. A dark entity lurks inside a dangerous research facility, something unknown to the outside world. Four dark creatures mistakenly created, leads to three innocent murders, including a doctor who disappeared long ago. Disaster and rage strike the city, as the creatures desire to eliminate all humanity and converse them into creatures. Now Aurora, who has never cared for mortals, is the only hope in saving the human race from extinction. At times she must choose between defeating the demons or controlling her dark rage. When it comes down to it, she realizes that the only thing stopping her from prevailing, and could ultimately destroy her, is herself.

About the author

Leigha Brandt wrote Destruction when still a high school student. She has written since before she could talk, and she will, no doubt, continue writing long after she can no longer walk. She has a delightful sense of maturity in her writing, far beyond her then 18 years of age, and the book is appealing to readers of all ages. Leigha studies journalism at college and lives in Omaha, a place she aims at making the literary center of the United States. With her talents we are sure this will not be many years off.