It'll be Fine

Author: John Parry
ISBN: 978-91-85765-96-6

Language: English


Fun in a Volvo, Anyone?

”Birgall and Chris eventually completed their latest round of repairs, Robbie helpfully found a dead snake and we all decided to set off again. As I returned to the car, I noticed that person or persons unknown had written 'I wish John was this dirty' in the thick Saharan dust on the rear window."

4,500 miles in a £100 Volvo? John Parry and his long-suffering co-driver Lisa Sanford did just that, driving through France, Spain, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania and Mali in just twenty days.

Ultimately, mechanical breakdowns turned out to be the least of tem Pear's worries. Along with their fellow (ill-prepared) teams, they got bent out of shape on the ferry, struggled through horrendous Marrakech traffic, got used to bent bureaucracy, declared war on Saharan bushes, proved that chewing gum cannot be used to repair fuel tanks and spent rather too much time going sideways, before finally making it to Bamako, actually still on speaking terms but not without a brush with the law...

About the Author

John Parry is the kind of person who takes life with a pinch of salt and a shovel of humour. He travels the world when he is not writing or finding new ways of inventing strange solutions to simple questions. He loves animals, filming and kayaking. Most of all he loves to eat good food and drink fine wines at parties under the guise of entertaining his friends.