Voices with Feathers

Author: Bombadil Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-912354-00-9

Language: English


Voices with Feathers is a collection of stories about the lives of 42 African youth, a result of interviews conducted in 10 countries in sub-Saharan Africa discussing their challenges faced at home and in their communities as well as their goals for the future. Emily Dickinson, described ‘hope’ as:

“The thing with feathers/That perches in the soul/And sings the tune without words/And never stops at all.”

Many of the youth in this book have hope that their lives will get better despite the tragedies and challenges they have faced. Youth describe their experiences facing the death of a parent, abuse at home and in school, unexpected pregnancy, political corruption, unemployment and the struggle to afford school fees, to name a few.

These issues may not sound new to anyone familiar with Africa – the media in the West tends to paint the picture of Africa as a continent riddled with problems.  Despite the struggles, they have not given up. They are still doing remarkable things: starting small businesses, staying determined to further their education and improving their rural communities.

The book is about the youth in this wonderful continent and a tribute to the country and its culture and people.