Author: Akaeda Flame
ISBN: 978-91-85765-86-7

Language: English


My heart was in my mouth, beating rapidly. I thought maybe he could hear it but it didn’t seem that he cared. For a moment, I thought I saw recognition cross his piercing, beautiful gaze but it vanished. He spread his wings out wide and took to the sky, vanishing behind the clouds.

What would you choose: love? or truth?

Raven Firewing – Combat Mage – Second Black Robe, was never the same after the accident. Without her Snake form and her abilities limited, it will take all of her strength and perseverance to overcome the obstacles laid before her. Not only must she continue her duties as a Mage by protecting the humans from the monsters that inhabit the world, but she is also faced with the chance to travel with her friends to Phoenix, Arizona to compete in the World Championship tournament for the title of the Champion of Champions.

But an ancient evil has begun to resurface. Raveler Venomstrike has reappeared from the depths of once thought death and is thirsty for blood. He will stop at nothing to bring back the darkest Mage the world has ever faced, a creature formed from pure bloodlust and immortality.

In between competing and learning about the evil that haunts their path, Raven finds herself facing a choice she never had before when she is reunited with a friend that sparks something in her heart that she assumed didn’t exist. Will Raven give in to the love her old friend has brought? Or will she stand aside and let this once in a lifetime chance escape her completely?

About the author:

There isn’t very much known about Akaeda Flame. At the age of fifteen, she finished her debut novel, Champion, the start of The Firewing Trilogy. Some say that she resides in the same area as Raven Firewing, others think that she may be in the future, in the realm with Firewing herself. Or, she could just be spending her days in an ATA Taekwondo school with her students and her friends, plotting her next greatest novel.