Indigo Rain

Author: Kelsey J N McRae
ISBN: 978-1-912354-01-6

Language: English


The trio. Riley and Eric Alder, and their best friend Eason Leannan have always been outcasts, misfits, who somehow fit together. 

Secrets. Despite being their friend for years, there's a lot Eason does not know about the Alder twins. For Eric, that secret is his sexuality, and the fact that he is completely in love with his best friend. For Riley, it's the things that she can see - ghosts, angels, auras. The most dangerous secret of all are the hidden terrors that both twins discover living in this world. They begin to question if keeping these a secret is the wisest decision; can what you don't know hurt you?

Darkness. For each twin this means something different. For Eric it means his own internal battle as he tries to fight the greatest threat to his life - his own mind. For Riley, it's the Smoke – a suffocating monster that lurks in the woods. They know little of what it is, and the extent of its power.

Join the three friends in the first book of the trilogy as they desperately try to navigate their way through their own lives, that lately have become a battle for survival.