Author: Andreas Svensson
ISBN: 978-91-85765-92-8

Language: English


What is probability and how does it work?

If you roll a die once, you cannot predict what number will be rolled. If you roll it again, you still cannot predict what number will be rolled, though you can predict that it the outcome will be what it is irregardless of the what the previous roll was. However, if you keep rolling the dice say a hundred times, you can predict that the number one will be rolled about one sixth of the times.

Serendipity and the improbable world of probability takes a closer look at chance, what it is and how predictable it actually is. Probability is explained in an interesting and pedagogical way by a high school student who himself wanted to learn more but found that available literature did not address the playful and fun elements of chance. This book explains all there is to know about everyday probability and is suitable for both young and old alike.

About the author

Andreas Svensson was only 17 when he wrote this book. He has a huge interest in mathematics, and enjoys finding ways of explaining complicated ideas in a simple way. When he is not studying he enjoys playing the cello, travelling and carrying out crazy science experiments with other young scientists.