About Us

Bombadil Publishing is a new world of publishing where young people write for young people! Our world is all about commitment, passion and drive; dreams, stories and passions. It is about expressing and sharing ideas and stories with others, creating, publishing, marketing and selling the perfect books for young people by young people between the ages of 12 and 26. Books are a reflection of the soul and the authors’ dreams, and Bombadil aims to change the world by letting young people’s voices be heard and allowing them to express their views freely and without shackles and borders, though always with empathy and respect in focus. By giving a voice to young people, Bombadil Publishing has expanded fast and now has young people in 90 countries writing across the globe. We are proud of this success, but we are even more proud of our authors. Books provide knowledge and share stories of value to the individual person. We publish all genres and and all types of books, whether they are reality-based, fictional, non-fiction or poetry. If there is a dream, if there is passion – there is a book worth publishing. Sometimes a little help is needed to finish the master piece, so at Bombadil Publishing we work with mentors instead of traditional editors. These mentors help ensure the quality but are also there to guide the author through the amazing and awe-inspiring road from manuscript to finished book.

Part of the group is Galadriel, an imprint of Bombadil Publishing, publishes books of exceptional quality and interest, written by authors outside Bombadil’s target age group.

Welcome to our world! Welcome to Bombadil!